Landscape Division


Our landscape division consists of many qualified and professional people. With the latest in landscape design and installation technology; you can bet that Yard Master will meet all of your landscaping needs.

Your first step in landscaping is to meet with Yard Master's landscape designer. With ten years of experience in landscaping, you can count on a great landscape design. The first meeting is where the persona of the entire landscaping takes place.

There are two different landscape design techniques that Yard Master uses.

Computer rendered image
to visualize the design

The first is the drafting technique, which will give the customer a "bird's eye view" of what the landscaping will look like when completed. Our landscape specialist will create a blueprint of the area with the plant material and/or landscaping in place.

The second technique utilizes computer technology to create an actual color picture of how the landscaping will look when completed. Using a digital camera a photograph is taken of the area to be landscaped. The photograph is downloaded into the computer where; with the help of a computer program our landscape designer creates your design by placing images of the landscaping on the original photograph. The end result is a color picture with the landscaping in place.

Customers have the option of purchasing these pictures, even if they choose not to have the design installed.


In addition to design, Yard Master can build your retaining walls, patios, decks, fences, or lay brick pavers. Yard Master only uses the best materials on the market.

Hydroseeding, sodding, or straw seeding can be performed. Questions about the advantages, disadvantages, and costs of the three types of lawn installations can all be answered by our professional lawn care technicians. Get in touch with them today.


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